The Japanese sportscar is about to receive a light dose of model year updates, likely to be mirrored by the Toyota GR86

  • Subaru has ceased production of the current-model-year BRZ in Japan.
  • A lightly revised model is anticipated to debut in July 2024, alongside its Toyota GR86 twin.
  • Модель year updates will reportedly be minor, with no changes to the exterior and interior design.

Subaru has announced the end of production for the current 2024 model year (MY) BRZ in Japan, although existing stock will still be available for purchase through local dealerships domestically. This move does not impact the availability of the current BRZ model year in other markets, such as North America.

While this news may initially unsettle BRZ enthusiasts, Subaru is specifically addressing the current model year of the sports car, with a mildly updated version slated for debut as early as July.

More specifically, the following note has been added to the BRZ page of Subaru’s Japanese website: “Current models, due to discontinuation, will only be available through dealers. Please contact your dealer for details.”

The second-generation Subaru BRZ, launched in 2021 alongside its Toyota GR86 twin, has received incremental updates in Japan over the years. These include new light switch introduced in the 2022 model year and additional safety features added to the manual transmission variant in 2023.

According to Japanese publication Creative311, Subaru is gearing up to unveil a refreshed 2025 model year BRZ for the domestic market in July 2024. The update is expected to be minor, focusing on features rather than any significant changes to the car’s exterior or interior design.

 Subaru BRZ Production Ends In Japan, But Updated 2025MY BRZ And Toyota GR 86 Coming Soon

The outgoing JDM-spec Subaru BRZ pictured in the flagship STI Sport trim.

First of all, the six-speed manual version of the Subaru BRZ will gain the Sport mode, which was previously reserved for automatic models. This will provide access to tweaked throttle settings, following feedback from the Super Taikyu racing series. Furthermore, the Active Sound Control will now automatically adjust based on the chosen drive mode, mirroring the functionality of auto transmission models.

For the BRZ equipped with the six-speed automatic transmission, Subaru engineers extended the manual downshift option to cover a broader range of RPMs, providing drivers with greater flexibility and control.

Another enhancement is the inclusion of optional Brembo brakes, already featured in the US-spec BRZ tS trim and the JDM-spec STI Sport models, complemented by STI-tuned suspension. Additionally, Subaru will introduce a tire pressure monitoring function and a slightly updated lever for the turn signals.

As for the powertrain, the existing naturally-aspirated 2.4-liter boxer engine is anticipated to receive an updated ECU. It’s worth noting that the powertrain in the Japanese-specification BRZ currently generates 232 hp (173 kW / 235 PS) and 250 Nm (184.4 lb-ft) of torque.

There is no information about the trim structure, but hopefully the company will keep offering the entry-level BRZ Cup Car Basic with the cool steelies, and the flagship STI Sport.

2025 Toyota GR86 To Gain New Специальное предложение Edition

Toyota is also anticipated to introduce a slightly updated version of the GR86 in July, likely aligning with the aforementioned updates of its Subaru counterpart.

Furthermore, the Toyota GR86 is reportedly set to receive a new special edition dubbed the Ridge Green Limited, exclusive to the Japanese market with a production run of 200 units. This variant will showcase a new green hue inspired by the AE86, complemented by bronze 18-inch wheels, red brake calipers, Sachs dampers, and a tan interior.

It remains to be seen which of these new features will be adopted by the North American-spec 2025 Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 when they arrive later this year.