The Aston Martin DB12 will likely continue to be offered with a twin-turbo V8 and twin-turbo V12

Aston Martin has released a series of teaser images previewing the successor to the DB11 and confirmed that it will premiere in May 24.

While it may not seem like all that long since the DB11 was unveiled, it has been more than 7 years since it was first showcased at the Geneva Auto Show in early 2016. However, that does mean its lifespan will be significantly shorter than the DB9 which lived for 14 years.

Much about the new model remains unclear but it will reportedly be dubbed the DB12 and these photos show that it won’t look significantly different than the DB11. Indeed, we can see that the Grand Tourer’s silhouette has undergone little modification while the shape of the front and rear are also familiar. A set of new headlights immediately catch the eye but even these new lights adopt a similar shape to the DB11.

 Aston Martin’s DB11 Replacement To Debut On May 24

Although the exterior of the new DB12 will be familiar, the interior is shaping up to be significantly different. One of the teaser images released by Aston Martin shows a completely revised dashboard and center console design. Whereas the DB11 had a Mercedes-Benz-sourced infotainment system looking rather ugly while mounted to the top of the dash, the new model has a different infotainment system and display that are more neatly incorporated into the design. We can also see a bunch of new switches and dials.

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While speaking with Autocar last year, Aston Martin chairman Lawrence Stroll confirmed that the Mercedes system was being discontinued and will be replaced by a new one that includes voice controls with a “proper English accent.”

It seems likely that the new GT model from Aston Martin will continue to be offered with twin-turbocharged V8 and twin-turbocharged V12 engines, both of which will likely receive minor horsepower and torque bumpers over the DB11.