The Mitsuoka M55, initially conceived as a one-off project, will be put into production next year due to what the company describes as overwhelming public demand

 Mitsuoka Is Producing That Bizarre Dodge Challenger-esque Honda Civic

Japanese coach-builder Mitsuoka announced that the M55 Concept will evolve into a production offering by 2025 after popular demand. The model is based on the 11th generation of the Honda Civic but a comprehensive visual makeover transformed it into a Dodge Challenger impersonator, with the five-door fastback bodystyle incorporating elements from various American muscle cars.

The Mitsuoka M55 Concept debuted in November 2023, as a nod to the company’s 55th anniversary, which explains the nostalgic references to the ’70s. The underpinnings are carried over from the Honda Civic Hatchback, but the redesigned body panels make it virtually unrecognizable.

The company doesn’t mention any particular models as sources of inspiration, but the references are more than evident. The front looks similar to the Dodge Challenger thanks to the quad round headlights within the elongated grille. On the other hand, the fastback tail with louvers above the rear glass sends Ford Mustang vibes.

Predictably, the greenhouse, roofline, and doors remain unchanged but the longer front and rear overhangs alter the proportions of the Civic. Interior mods are limited to retro-flavored upholstery and Mitsuoka badging, as the minimalist dashboard of the Honda looks perfect for the job.

People Loved The Honda Challenger

The concept was showcased in special exhibitions where it attracted a lot of attention from fans and prospective customers. According to Mitsuoka, 1,050 groups attended the show in Azabu, and more than 500 people visited the exhibition in Toyama. In just a few months, the company received more than 1,300 applications of interest for the commercialization of the product.

While the concept was initially presented as a one-off created for Mitsuoka’s 55th birthday, the enthusiastic response from the public prompted the company to put it into production. The official announcement expresses Mitsuoka’s gratitude to all prospective buyers. However, the company’s limited handmade production capacity means that they “may not be able to deliver the product to everyone who wishes to purchase it”.

More details about the availability including the release date and the pricing will be announced soon. Hopefully, the production version will remain faithful to the concept, featuring the same level of quirkiness.