Subcompact SUV now features second-generation e-POWER system and optional 4WD

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Following a minor model change, the new Nissan Kicks electrified SUV goes on sale July 19 across Japan. The vehicle launch marks another milestone in Nissan’s expansion of its electrified vehicle lineup.

X FOUR Style Edition

Since its arrival in the Japanese market in June 2020, the Kicks has offered a powerful yet quiet driving experience thanks to its e-POWER electrified powertrain. Its compact body makes maneuvering easy while still providing ample interior space. The latest Kicks now features the second-generation e-POWER system — which gives it more power and smoother acceleration — and its cabin is even quieter. A 4WD version has been added to the lineup, providing an enjoyable, safe driving experience in a wide variety of conditions. The X Four Style Edition, an all-new grade, enhances the Kick’s reputation for quality, comfort and contemporary design with a plush brown interior and a dark, chrome-look grill.

Second-generation e-POWER
First debuting in the Nissan Note series, the second-generation e-POWER’s motor has 5% greater power and 7% higher maximum torque, resulting in a more exhilarating driving experience. Yet fuel efficiency has improved by approximately 6.4% compared to the previous Kicks*1 and is now 23 kilometers per liter. Cabin quietness has also been improved by reducing engine-start frequency at low speeds. In addition, the intuitive e-Pedal Step produces a more relaxing driving experience by providing smooth deceleration when the accelerator pedal is released.

e-POWER 4WD: Exciting driving in all conditions
The new e-POWER 4WD model features an electric 4WD system that precisely controls all four wheels with powerful motors. It ensures driving comfort on city roads, easy cornering on winding roads and strong performance in challenging conditions, such as snowy roads.

A full range of safety equipment
The Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system comes standard on all grades — an industry-first for compact SUVs*2. It uses a radar sensor in the front of the vehicle to detect the distances between the two cars ahead, as well as their relative speed. If the system determines there is a need to slow down due to a sudden change with the vehicles ahead, it alerts the driver and provides collision-avoidance support. Advanced technologies such as the Intelligent Around View Monitor system and the Intelligent Rearview Mirror are standard equipment on higher grades.

Improved interior design
The Kicks’ center console and shift lever have been updated with a more modern appearance and a high-quality finish. For models with two-tone interiors, beige is now offered as an option in addition to orange tan. The all-new Style Edition grade looks chic both inside and out with its plush brown interior and dark, chrome-look grille.

Sales of the updated Nissan kicks have just commenced in Japan and it is now available with a new and improved e-POWER system.

The updated Kicks is largely the same as the facelifted model that was introduced in mid-2020, not only in Japan but also in the United States. The most significant upgrade is the new e-POWER motor that has 5 per cent more power and 7 per cent more torque than the first-generation system.

The e-Power system consists of a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that in first-generation guise, produced 78 hp and 76 lb-ft (103 Nm) of torque and acted as a generator for the 1.57 kWh battery pack. Additional grunt was provided by an electric motor with 127 hp and 192 lb-ft (260 Nm). Power from the electric motor has now been upped to 134 hp while torque has jumped to 206 lb-ft (280 Nm).

Furthermore, Nissan has increased the size of the battery pack to 2.06 kWh while fuel efficiency has improved by approximately 6.4 per cent compared to the previous kicks. Nissan says that it has also improved cabin quietness through a reduction in engine-start frequency at low speeds. The e-Pedal Step is also said to now produce a more relaxing driving experience, smoothing out deceleration when the accelerator pedal is released.

A new addition to the line-up is the availability of a Kicks e-Power 4WD model that features an electric all-wheel drive system. Nissan has also installed an Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system as standard on all grades, complete with a radar sensor in the front.

*1 e-POWER 2WD in WLTC mode
*2 As of 2022 May, Nissan study

Drive Engine Grade Price* (yen)
X 2,798,400
X Two-tone interior edition (Orange Tan) 2,908,400
X Two-tone interior edition (Beige) 2,908,400
X Style Edition 3,018,400
X FOUR 3,061,300
X Two-tone interior edition (Orange Tan) 3,171,300
X Two-tone interior edition (Beige) 3,171,300
X Style Edition 3,281,300

* Japan-market recommended retail price (including consumption tax)

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