Tom’s Racing’s Tokyo Auto Salon stand will include their take on the Prius, GR Corolla, and Lexus LM

Tom’s Racing has previewed six modified models for next month’s Tokyo Auto Salon, including a MK4 Toyota Supra.

Three of the six cars have already been previewed, including a modified Toyota Alphard, a Toyota GR Corolla, and a Lexus IS 500. The tuner’s upgraded GR Corolla was unveiled back in November and benefits from a series of upgrades, including the fitment of a completely revised front fascia with aerodynamic canards and a massive rectangular front grille. The rear of the hot hatch has also been upgraded with a towering rear wing.

The changes made to the Alphard are a little more subtle. They include a new front bumper which extends slightly lower than the standard one. Tom’s Racing has also equipped the Toyota with distinctive fog light shrouds with a chrome finish, new skirts, and a set of forged 20-inch wheels. The IS500 meanwhile has been equipped with several carbon fiber accessories to give it some more panache.

 TOM’s Racing Bringing Six Modified Cars To The Tokyo Auto Salon

Images of Tom’s Racing latest Toyota Prius, Lexus LM, and MK4 Supra models have not yet been released so it remains a mystery what changes they have undergone. It’s reasonable to assume that the upgrades made to the LM will be similar to the Alphard but it’s a little harder to know what the Prius and Supra will look like. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out as the Tokyo Auto Salon will kick off on January 12 next year.

 TOM’s Racing Bringing Six Modified Cars To The Tokyo Auto Salon