It seems that the little Jimny is compatible with the design of almost any classic off-roader you can think of

The boxy shape and timeless off-road proportions of the Suzuki Jimny make it the perfect candidate for custom bodykits. This explains the array of options that are available for the tiny 4×4 in Japan, with the latest being a Jeep Cherokee XJ style bodykit from a company called Marvelous.

The name of the tuner hits the nail on the head as the resulting vehicle looks great – as is the case with most modified Jimnys impersonating iconic off-roaders like the Defender or the G-Wagen. Like the aforementioned models, the Jeep Cherokee XJ, which was sold in the US between 1983 and 2001, has a similar character to the Suzuki Jimny in terms of exterior design, justifying the face transplant.

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 Suzuki Jimny Transformed Into A Little Jeep Cherokee XJ Impersonator

The highlight of course is the new front end which combines a six-slot grille (very similar to Jeep’s patented seven-slot design) with square headlights and separate indicators. The kit also includes new front and rear bumpers with an unpainted plastic finish, and optional body-colored wide fender extensions reminiscent of the Wrangler. Of course, you can get the narrow specification without the wide fenders if you want something more subtle. We guess that the exterior modifications will also be compatible with the five-door Suzuki Jimny thanks to the carry-over parts with the three-door models.

The suspension lift kit increases the ground clearance by 1.5 inches (38 mm) in the narrow version or by 3 inches (76 mm) in the wide version. For greater off-road prowess it is combined with a new set of aftermarket alloy wheels shod in grippier Yokohama Mud/Terrain tires.

 Suzuki Jimny Transformed Into A Little Jeep Cherokee XJ Impersonator

Despite the quad exhaust pipes in one of the examples exhibited at the Nagoya Auto Festival 2023, there are no changes under the bonnet. This means that the Jimny retains the usual naturally-aspirated 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine producing 101 hp (75 kW /102 PS) in the JDM-spec Sierra, or the turbocharged 658cc three-cylinder engine producing 63 hp (47 kW / 64 PS) in the entry-level model.

Marvelous, which is based in the city of Yonago in Japan, has already started accepting orders for the kit. If you want to order the parts separately, you’ll need ¥179,600 ($1,364) for the grille/headlights, ¥67,700 ($514) for the front bumper, ¥69,600 ($529) for the rear bumper, and ¥103,600 ($787) for the wide fenders. If you want a complete car with all the modifications, including the bodykit, wheels, tires and suspension lift, the narrow version costs ¥2.33 million ($17,693), and the taller wide version is priced at ¥2.69 million ($20,426).