The Jimny joins the popular driving simulator in narrow-body kei car configuration fitted with a tiny 658 cc powertrain

While the Bvlgari Aluminum Vision GT and the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision GT concepts add some glitz to Gran Turismo 7, the latest free update’s star is none other than the plucky Suzuki Jimny. This pint-sized off-roader boasts a global fan club, and PlayStation 5 owners wasted no time snatching it up, giving it their own digital makeovers, and sending it racing through the virtual wilds.


The game’s creator, Polyphony Digital, selected the 2018 Suzuki Jimny in a narrow-body configuration that adheres to the kei car regulations in the Japanese market. In contrast to the global-spec Jimny (known as Sierra in Japan), the kei car lacks plastic fender add-ons and features a diminutive turbocharged 658cc three-cylinder engine, delivering a modest 63 hp (47 kW / 64 PS).

The Jimny’s lackluster performance, ladder-frame chassis, narrow body, and ample ground clearance render it one of the least suitable models for track use, exhibiting a fair amount of body roll in the corners. Nonetheless, quirky and slow cars from Japan have always held a special place in the hearts of Gran Turismo fans, and the Jimny is no exception to that rule.

Beyond its off-road capabilities and analog charm, the Jimny is celebrated for its extensive customization possibilities. Its boxy and unassuming design serves as a blank canvas for tuners, enabling them to craft replicas of virtually anything imaginable. While Gran Turismo may offer a narrower range of options compared to the real-life aftermarket scene, it still empowers users to personalize various aspects of the petite Suzuki.

In the in-game video footage, a selection of off-road bumpers, diverse grille designs, side steps, the factory color palette, and numerous wheel and tire options, ranging from 15 to 20 inches in diameter, are showcased.

Similar to other vehicles in Gran Turismo, you have the flexibility to fine-tune the engine, suspension, brakes, and various mechanical components, significantly enhancing the Jimny’s track performance. While engine swaps are currently unavailable, performance modifications can boost the power output from the stock 63 hp (47 kW / 64 PS) all the way up to 158 hp (118 kW / 160 PS). as long as you select all the desired options.

Below you can see the Suzuki Jimny in action as gamers have already uploaded their Gran Turismo experiences on YouTube. What will be interesting to watch (and perhaps even participate in) is the upcoming “Jimny Cup” event that will be added to the World Circuits, allowing everyone to have fun in their modified kei car.